Does real estate interest you?

Our expertise and experience is in real estate asset classes, specifically: mortgages, residential real estate and construction financing.

Is the exempt market safe?

Exempt market products are not exchange traded, provide limited transparency, are not covered by deposit insurance and may have little or no liquidity. Are they right for you?

Is it suitable for you?

Exempt market products are available to investors who qualify for one of several prospectus exemptions. Complete the Know Your Client process to learn if you are able to qualify for an exempt market investment and if that product is suitable for you.

Michael Hapke
President and CEO


ACC is agent for Advanced MIC

At the Advanced Group of Companies, we take great pride in being a local company that provides an exceptionally high level of personalized service. At all times you will find our team members to be responsive and informed. As President I welcome the opportunity to meet investors in person to answer questions or address concerns at any time. My direct line is (613) 656-0866 and I can be reached by email at


ACC chooses local investments for its product shelf. This helps us stay on top of developments within the investment sector.


ACC looks for products that provide predictable monthly dividends to shareholders for the duration of the investment.

Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation

Advanced MIC (or “AMIC”) is the sole product approved for distribution by Advanced Capital Corporation. ACC and AMIC are related and connected by virtue of common ownership and control.


As of March 31, 2021, and since inception, AMIC has not experienced significant default and has not lost a dollar of principal or income related to default.

Registered Plan Eligible

AMIC shares are eligible to be held in registered plans such as an RRSP, RESP, RDSP, TFSA, RIF or LIRA (with approved trustees).


AMIC invests primarily in mortgages on residential properties in Ottawa and surrounding areas of Eastern Ontario.


AMIC pays shareholders a routine dividend at a rate of 5% per year, paid monthly. AMIC also pays a top-up dividend that distributes 100% of net earnings to shareholders. While past results are not indicative of future performance, it is expected that dividends will continue to be paid as specified in the Offering Memorandum.

Start Your Investment with an ACC Dealing Representative

Each member of the Advanced Capital Corporation team is registered to deal in exempt market products (like preferred shares in Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation) and can complete the Know Your Client process with you.

Michael Hapke

Michael Hapke
Dealing Representative

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Jennifer Anderson

Jenn Anderson
Dealing Representative

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Isabelle Anderson

Isabelle Anderson
Dealing Representative

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Sam Himyary

Sam Himyary
Dealing Representative

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Anisa Sherwood Lancione

Anisa Sherwood Lancione
Dealing Representative

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