It is more evident than ever that what makes a mortgage investment corporation thrive is the teamwork between investors, MIC staff, and borrowers.

We’re a team. As a team, even at the best of times, we have to work together to succeed.

Today, our team is facing a new opponent: uncertainty related to Covid-19. And like any team, we will face it together. We have to prepare. We have to communicate. We have to rely on each other and share our strength.

Our team will stay focused in the coming weeks. We will continue to accept new investments. We will continue to lend. We will continue to work together.

So far, our staff and families are safe. We are fully equipped to work remotely. We’ve invested time & resources into ensuring that our business continuity plan is ready.

To date, our investors have been very satisfied with our approach. We have proactively taken the time to reach out to AMIC shareholders by phone to discuss current market conditions, AMIC’s current position & how we will be responding to today’s challenges.

So far, our borrowers are communicative and proactive when they think they will need relief. AMIC remains a lender that they can approach with a problem and from whom they can expect a pragmatic and fair solution.

Your Team @ Advanced Group of Companies